Welcome to St. Barnabas. We are a community that blends ancient mysteries with a very modern faith. As a community we are committed to participating in God's mission of reconciliation in the world. We are focused on Christ and believe that the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ changed everything, everywhere, for always. We are centered in prayer and worship and seek to immerse ourselves in the life of God. Join us as we seek to bring the mercy of Jesus to the world.

All are welcome. All will be encouraged. All will be challenged.
All will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Taizé Service

Every 1st and 3rd Friday, 7:30PM

Thanks to the generous leadership of Jonathan and Judi Horjus, James Keables, Fr. Bob Trask, and Cari and Richard Shields, we will now have Taizé worship on the first and third Fridays of every month. Our Taizé services are contemplative, prayerful, and filled with a quiet joy. They attract people in our community who cannot worship on Sunday, or for those who find church overwhelming for one reason or another. If you haven't attended one of our Taizé services yet, you are invited to do so.

Note from mother natalie:

It is customary for Christians to avail themselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) during Lent. Making one’s confession during Lent can be a critical piece of part of one’s commitment to reorient life and turn again toward God. The Episcopal understand of the sacrament is that all should avail themselves of it, but that no one must. As one St. Barnabas member said after making a first confession, “While I felt a strong urge and did sometimes want to point out that confession focuses on the worst, those patterns are true and deeply distorting, and very real in ways I really don’t desire or want [to live in them]….The idea of God forgiving, doing, regardless of if it feels like it sticks is very powerful to me. [The sacraments] took on a different meaning for me this morning. ” One of the things that psychotherapists know is that the true work of change cannot actually being until the client actually “confesses” the real issues against which he or she is struggling. So have Christian confessors long known that spiritual growth is limited by our inability to admit that like all humans we are sinful and need forgiveness. It is only in naming our sins that we actually have power over them and can be freed from them. As a priest, I am daily more convinced that Jesus wants to free us from the sins that ensnare us and to heal us of their effects.

In order to make it as simple as possible to avail yourself of the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Lent, Mthr. Natalie will be available on Wednesday, March 29April 5 and April 12, and on Good Friday, April 14 from 3:00PM until 6:00PM in her office. Simply come by during those hours.

Sunday Morning Formation

     Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Sundays at 9:15AM, downstairs

CGS is our Sunday morning children's program. Come join us! 

Adult Ed

Sundays at 9:30AM, upstairs in the library